Tugela’s business model is based on the BOOM principle: building, owning, operating and maintaining metallurgical plants and operations.


The company prides itself on its highly specialised in-house metallurgical and mechanical expertise which enables it to offer highly customised, non-conventional processes designed to maximise the extraction of minerals for its clients.


Tugela Mining and Minerals’ Head Office is situated in Pretoria, Gauteng Province, South Africa, while each individual operational site is managed by a local management team.

Workshop and test work facilities render support to Tugela’s ongoing in-house projects in Mpumalanga and North-West Province and Limpopo.

Tugela Mining and Minerals (Pty) Ltd is a specialist and leader in the field of innovative mineral processing techniques.

The company’s business is developed to offer clients the opportunity to improve their overall profitability through offering innovative, non-conventional, and highly efficient processes for processing minerals.


Since the successful implementation of its first operation in 2004, Tugela has continuously set the benchmark in its field.


The company has achieved a steady growth in its operations, both in similar as well as diversified industries.

Tugela currently produces final saleable products from six operations, which the company manages in its entirety – from Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ), Human Resources and Legal Compliance to Maintenance and Production.

Business Model

Tugela Mining and Minerals generates revenue from the successful implementation of innovative mineral processing techniques. The company boasts highly specialised in-house metallurgical and mechanical expertise, enabling Tugela to offer clients a range of highly customized, non-conventional processes designed to maximise the extraction of minerals.


Tugela utilises internally developed (or altered) and differentiated technologies to design and customise processes suitable for specific applications. It finds its business case justification within the levels of improvement over conventional processing methods.


Tugela’s processes are designed and built from first metallurgical principles through intensive test work campaigns in pilot testing facilities based in Mpumalanga and the North-West Province of South Africa.

The company’s test work methodologies and results have formed the basis of the design of each and every operation implemented since the company’s inception. So far 19 Processing Plants have been successfully implemented, each complying with the test work results which it was based on.

Its business model is based on the BOOM principle: building, owning, operating and maintaining metallurgical plants and operations.

Not a conventional service provider

Tugela is not a conventional service provider, but a provider of technology, hardware, skill, and management in order to assist its clients in improving their overall profitability, while reducing the cost of production.

Tugela strives to develop an improved process that generates a business proposal whereby our clients are empowered to surpass their current state of revenue and profitability after incurring all operational costs due to Tugela. A clear win-win situation is sought.

Tugela does extensive research and test work, in all applications, in order to provide a model that is optimised and strictly performance based.

The company’s remuneration is based on final product produced, meeting quality specification. This model drives Tugela to extract minerals as efficiently as possible, while still meeting quality requirements. In some cases, higher quality enables clients to sell a premium product, further contributing to the financial benefit of both Tugela and its customer. A back-to-back incentive model forms the basis of a healthy performance-based relationship.

Technological advantage and IP, as used by Tugela, is protected against disclosure and unauthorised use. It is honoured by our clients in the form of contractual agreements and clauses.


Tugela fully complies with the regulations of the following South African Government institutions and is in good standing with them

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Department of Trade and Industry

Workman’s Compensation Commissioner

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

Department of Labour

Employment Equity Act

Department of Mineral Resources

Occupational Health and Safety Act

Mine Health and Safety Act

South African Revenue Services